Who We Are

Located in the adventure capital of the world, Way to Moab is a Christian-based rafting company providing the white water experience of a lifetime. Explore the full 14 miles of the Moab Daily, which includes exciting white water rapids and relaxing, scenic stretches of flat water. If a half day is all you have time for, we offer both morning and afternoon trips that still include both elements of exciting rapids and awe-inspiring red rocks. Our expeditions are perfect for all age groups!

Meet the Guides

Our guides are dedicated, adventure-loving, and committed to safety. Each guide is certified in swift water rescue and has emergency medical training.

Taylor Deddens

When she isn’t looking at how to convert vans into living spaces, Taylor can usually be found training for her next marathon or in a deep sleep. She is a notoriously fast driver, so be sure to ask about her trip down the road to Mary Jane Canyon. After her summer rafting with us, Taylor is headed to Texas for Paramedic school. Taylor’s favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 4:23

Certifications: EMT, WEMT, CPR, Advanced Swiftwater Rescue

Jeffrey Middleton

Jeff is an expert at picking the most fun, and often the wildest lines down the river. Fearless in the face of most adventure (unless heights are involved), he knows how to give everyone a good time. Jeff finds himself having the time of his life while he is either longboarding or snowboarding. If you ask him about the love of his life, he will be sure to tell you all about his car’s sound system fiancé Carlea. Jeff’s favorite Bible verse is: Isaiah 43:18-19

Certifications: EMT, WEMT, CPR, Advanced Swiftwater Rescue

Carlea Peters

“Car”, “Carwash”, “Car-LEE-a”, however you decide to pronounce or mix up her name, is as fun in nature as the rapids we run. She comes to us from sunny California, working the waves before she goes to Paramedic school this fall. Her hobbies include petting dogs and attempting to stand up paddle board, as well as spending time with her fiancé Jeff. Carlea’s favorite Bible passage is: Psalms 121

Certifications: EMT, WEMT, CPR, Advanced Swiftwater Rescue

Kiera Mason

Our very own resident fruit snack addict, Kiera is sure to be found with at least three packages on her person at all times. If she isn’t out and about rock climbing, you’ll find her balanced on top of a unicycle, backpacking some remote trail, or working on a farm. Kiera is here to oar her way through the summer until she returns to college to complete her senior year. Kiera’s favorite Bible verse is: Romans 8:31

Certifications: EMT, CPR, Advanced Swiftwater Rescue

Robby Stone

“Taco Rob” is a Moab local full of history and geological information. You’ll know he’s the one driving you to or from the river if there’s intense classical music playing in the van. If you have questions ranging anywhere from orchestrating music to how to remove bus seats, Robby is the guy to ask. If you have him as your guide or driver, be sure to ask about how he acquired his nickname. Robby’s favorite Bible verse is: James 1:5

Certifications: CPR, WFR, Swiftwater Rescue

Janae Schumacher

Janae is our farm-girl from North Dakota, she is full of funny (and sometimes scary) sibling stories from growing up riding horse and corralling cattle. There are a million-and-one sports out there and Janae knows how to play every one of them. You can often spot strange bruises on her from her many activities. Janae will be attending Paramedic school this fall after her summer here. Janae’s favorite Bible verse is: Exodus 14:14

Certifications: EMT, WEMT, CPR, Advanced Swiftwater Rescue

Chris Cline

Our gear-savvy guide Chris comes to us from college in California, working on a degree in emergency management. He loves to whitewater kayak, rock climb, and work on everything mechanical. If you want to know about the best routes in the area to climb, Chris is full of information on all of them. Chris’ favorite Bible verse is: Philippians 4:13

Certifications: EMT, CPR, Swiftwater Rescue

Madeline Duehrssen

Madeline is the sweetest and most fearless guide on the Colorado river. She is rafting with us after returning from a mission trip to an orphanage in Africa. She has rafted Westwater, Cataract Canyon, and the Grand Canyon, smiling through every rapid and accidental swim. Besides her love of the water, Madeline enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and playing the harp. Madeline is also a Moab native, full of interesting facts and awesome suggestions for activities. Madeline’s favorite Bible verse is: Psalms 71:14

Certifications: CPR-First Aid, Swiftwater Rescue

Adrianna Duehrssen

Adrianna is our highest medically trained guide, having just completed an intensive Paramedic program. Besides her love of rafting, Adrianna likes to canyoneer, eat beans on toast, and hike with her search and rescue dog Libby. Her many adventures are worth telling, so be sure to ask her about them. They range from medical calls and rescues to spending 12 hours by a tree. Adrianna’s favorite Bible verse is: Psalm 61:1-4

Certifications: EMT-Paramedic, CPR, Advanced Swiftwater Rescue

Nathan James

Part-time Guide

Brian Montag

Part-time Guide

Alex Nelson

Part-time Guide

Meet the Staff


Michael & Susan Duehrssen

Our owners are a pair that is one half sweet and one half crazy (we’ll let you guess which half is which). Dr. D is always up for anything, including swimming the biggest rapids he can find. He loves to hang out and instruct college kids, so be sure to ask about his own exciting college mishaps stories! Susan is always a joy to be in company with, quick to bring smiles and fist bumps all around. Both are extremely welcoming and ready to bring you your next adventure!

Dr. D’s favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13

Susan’s favorite Bible verse is Romans 8:28

Jerry & Wendy Harris

Our married manager team is always working to make sure our business is running safely and smoothly. You can find Jerry, our resident giant, hanging out in the office trying to make our lives easier by streamlining the schedule and other online stuff. While not in the office, Jerry enjoys farming, exploring the local area, and helping those in the community. Wendy always brightens up the office when she is around and loves road trips, flowers, and exploring trails in the woods.

Jerry’s favorite Bible verse is 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

Wendy’s favorite Bible verse is Psalms 19:1-