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Way to Moab Policies

Privacy Policy

Way to Moab does not share or sell any of its customer’s personal information with other parties.

Fullsteam Operations LLC, Way to Moab’s parent online payment processor, offers secure management of online payment information.

Way to Moab requests specific health related information about each customer in order to promote a safe experience for each participant. This information will be shared with the Way to Moab team who will be directly coordinating the participants’ experience and interacting with the customer and when appropriate, the group’s coordinator(s).

Covid – 19 Policy

Way to Moab currently offers private guided tours and Christian Wilderness Adventures to minimize both our customer’s and our staff’s risk of unintentional/unknown exposure to and transfer of the Covid-19 virus.

Way to Moab requires all customers and staff to be free of symptoms or direct exposure to anyone known to be infected with the Covid-19 virus. All customer (or their parent or guardian) are required to complete a Covid Questionnaire within 24 hour of engaging in a Way to Moab guided activity.   All staff are required to daily self-evaluate for risk and symptoms. Any customer or staff participating in a Way to Moab activity that develops symptoms of the Covid-19 virus while involved in a Way to Moab adventure, is required to immediately self-isolate and notify a member of the Way to Moab team.

Way to Moab operates their guided adventures in open-air venues though some instruction and transportation is provided in closed environments with limitations to social distancing. While all groups are currently private, we encourage all participants and staff to practice social distancing, good personal hygiene and wear facial coverings as recommended or required by local governing agencies. Way to Moab practices regular cleaning of equipment and vehicles between customer usage. 

Drug and Alcohol Policy

For the safety of all our guests and staff, we do not allow any alcoholic beverages, smoking, or recreational drugs on our trips. Way To Moab employees reserve the right to refuse/terminate service at any time and for any individual who is not in compliance with our policy.

Booking, Payment and Cancellation Policies

At the time of booking, every group is requested to provide details for each participant and have each participant or their parent(s) or guardian(s) sign Covid-19 Questionnaires and Activity Waivers. Way to Moab requires all participants, parents and guardians to submit this documentation in the time frame requested.

Way to Moab utilizes The Flybook’s online booking services. This provider charges customers who purchase Way to Moab’s services a 6% booking fee. Way to Moab also accepts payments via check for groups desiring to book services. Paying by check does not incur The Flybook’s 6% booking charge.

Way to Moab offers many of their guided adventures on Public Lands. The permits issued by these governing agencies (I.e. Bureau of Land Management, United States Forest Service, etc.) require Way to Moab to collect, record and remit a per customer usage fee or tax. These mandated fees and/or taxes are added to the charges of every Way to Moab customer utilizing public lands as part of their guided adventure and passed on to the respective public land agency.

For customers purchasing an individual Way to Moab guided activity on-line, payment of 100% is due at time of booking.

For groups booking a Christian Wilderness Adventure, Way to Moab requires a 50% deposit at the time of reserving their dates and activities. The remaining balance is due two months prior to the starting date of the group’s trip. If payment is being made via credit card, that card will be automatically charged at the two-month-prior date with The Flybook’s 6% booking fee applying. If payment is being made via check, the individual or organizations check for the balance due must be arranged for delivery to Way to Moab’s office address or deposit into Way to Moab’s bank account by the two-month-prior date in order to maintain the reserved dates, guides and facilities for the group’s scheduled Christian Wilderness Adventure.

Below are Way to Moab guidelines for accepting cancellations for any reason:

Up to 2 months in advance

Full refund (less a 10% processing fee & the 6% booking charge) or the opportunity to rebook (at the time of cancellation) an equivalently or lesser priced activity within one year if Way to Moab has availability

Up to 1 month in advance

50% refund (less 6% booking charge) or the opportunity to rebook (at the time of cancellation) an equivalently or lesser priced activity within one year if Way to Moab has availability

Less than 1 month

0% refund or the opportunity to rebook (at the time of cancellation) an equivalently or lesser priced activity within one year if Way to Moab has availability

For all payments that were originally paid via credit card, Fullsteam Operations LLC charges the customer an additional $25 fee to cover their processing fee for a credit card refund.

Refusal of Service Policy

Way to Moab reserves the right to refuse service without a refund to any individual or group who demonstrates any of the following:

  • disregard for or compromise to the safety of anyone during the course of their adventure
  • disrespect of the land/environment being utilized or the guidelines in place to protect it
  • disrespect of anyone present during a Way to Moab activity either through the use of language or behavior
  • failure to provide Way to Moab with the necessary personal, safety and health information requested for each participant in the group or completed waivers or questionnaires within the  requested time frame
  • failure to provide Way to Moab with payment in full for the activity booked

Way to Moab reserves the right to use the judgement of any Way to Moab team members to evaluate and determine an individual or groups disregard or disrespect of any of the above outlined points of conduct.

Canine Policy

Way to Moab accepts limited requests for including dogs on guided adventures and associated facilities. For the safety of Way to Moab’s guests and staff, the restrictions of both public and private land utilized in Way to Moab activities as well as the extreme activities and environments Way to Moab operates in, Way to Moab discourages it’s customers from considering traveling with their pets for these adventure activities.

Way to Moab will consider a conditional allowance of a pet accompanying a customer when the request is presented prior to booking their services. If approval is granted, an additional fee will apply for a dog to participate in and/or be present at Way to Moab’s guided activities.

Customers not following this policy will be declined service by Way to Moab without a refund.