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Private Canyon Tour up to 3 people
per additional persons

The Canyons


Bow & Arrow

• 4-6 hours

Bow and Arrow Canyon is a unique canyon that allows you to walk below an arch and experience four repels from 15 – 95 feet surrounded by a wide canyon of beautiful red rock. True to the name you will also get to see sections of Indian petroglyphs and even dinosaur tracks and fossils near the trailhead!

Group size: unlimited


Medieval Chamber

• 5-6 hours

Medieval Chamber Canyon (one of our favorites!) starts in a desert sand bed but soon has you engulfed as you repel 80 feet into a large rock chamber and then beside a magnificent arch as you repel 100 feet before landing beside a desert spring. From there the hike out is pleasantly accompanied by a refreshing stream.

Group size: 12 max*



• 3-5 hours

Entrajo Canyon, although short in length, provides lots of fun scrambling and water to lessen the summer heat. Starting out with a short hike and scramble, a succession of deep rock pools filled with varying amounts of water provide wading and a short swim before a two-step 90 foot repel that ultimately lands you in a desert pool.

Group size: 12 max*



• 4-5 hours

Cameltoe Canyon has stunning views, high walls, pools of water to wade through and a 50 foot repel. Arches and petroglyphs along the way make this a fun and stunning canyon.

Group size: unlimited




* If you have a group of over 12 people but are interested in exploring this canyon please contact us. We would be honored to work with your group!