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Group & Overnight Adventures

For a truly unique experience, our customized private, guided, multi-day adventures offer your group the opportunity to engage in a variety of epic activities in spectacular, remote settings! Whatever guided activities your group chooses to enjoy, you will find opportunity to reflect and learn how the Creator of all that surrounds you wants to be your Savior, Guide and Friend.

Ideal For:


  • Youth, School, Pathfinder, Church and Corporate Groups
  • Large Group Family or Friend Vacations
  • Educational and Training Events
  • Reunions and Retreats 



How It Works:


Decide what your group’s focus will be…


  • RECREATIONAL: Ideal for families, youth, church or friendship groups!
  • EDUCATIONAL: Want to provide the educational content to your group or prefer our team to provide instruction to your group? We provide epic guided adventures to balance your group’s experience or we are happy to offer full or half days of training alternating with full or half days of guided activities! 
  • SPIRITUAL:Whether you have topic(s) and speaker(s) in mind or would like our team to present simple Bible based object lessons for reflection and conversation, our goal is to provide your group with guided activities in the great outdoors that are spiritually focused to refresh the soul!

Select the guided activities/instruction your group wants


White Water Rafting ~ Rock Climbing ~ Canyoneering ~ Rappelling ~ Alpine Hiking ~ Mountain Summiting


 Survival Instruction ~ Wilderness Medicine Training ~ Rescue Training

Pathfinder Honors:

Abseiling, Backpacking ~ Camp Craft ~ Camp Safety ~ Camping Skills ~ Fire Building & Camp Cookery ~ Hiking ~ Knot Tying ~ Rock Climbing ~ and More!

Determine the lodging options your group would prefer 

   If you need assistance, we can direct you to options for…

Camping ~ RVing ~ Cabins ~ Hotel

Choose Dates & Timeframe 

When: May – September          Duration:1-10 day trips

Adventure Pricing

Groups of 13+ People
Overnight Trips
*Fees or taxes may apply based on location. See policies page for explanation.

Beginning Your Adventure…

Share the details of your ideal trip and we’ll help you create your group’s customized adventure!