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Our most popular climbs are geared towards individuals with some climbing experience who want to enjoy world class climbing with one of our competent guides. That said, Parriot Mesa is the perfect excursion for beginners looking for the epic accomplishment of climbing a mesa with the prize of spectacular views!

Parriot Mesa Climb
includes 1 or 2 people
per additional persons
Castleton Tower
one person
two people (per person) 2 max

Parriot Mesa

For those with little or no climbing experience this is a great adventure involving easy climbing and spectacular views of Castle Valley and the La Sal Mountains.


Castleton Tower

One of the 50 classic climbs in the US, Castleton Tower is one of the most spectacular climbs you’ll find.


       North Chimney [ 5.9 ]

       Kor-Ingalls [ 5.9+ ]