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Alpine Hiking/Backpacking

Explore the rugged grandeur of the Rocky Mountains for a day or over-night trip. Whether you choose to explore an alpine trail, summit a peak, or camp beside a mountain lake, your heart will be captured and your spirit refreshed!

Option Overview

→ Day hike

→ Vehicle accessible camping

→ Backpacking


Set your cell phone aside and enjoy the rewards of being immersed in nature. Pack your gear in, explore mountain peaks & meadows, swim in alpine lakes, and relax by the campfire* surrounded by your family or friends and overshadowed by the undimmed starry sky.

Vehicle Accessible Camping

This option holds many of the same benefits of backpacking without the extra sweat and with the added benefit of your own sweet camper-mobile or pillow! Your guide will still be there to lead you on fun day expeditions and build a campfire* for you in the evening.

*based on local fire restrictions


We Provide:

  • Guide experienced in wilderness adventuring trained in emergency medical & rescue skills
  • Medical Kit
  • Emergency Communication Device
  • Trail Maps
  • Safety Briefing
  • Coordination of Camping Locations (either tent or camper-mobile)
Optional: Simple Bible-based object lessons, basic survival training, wilderness First-Aid training
You Provide: Hiking/Backpacking gear, food, water, and camping equipment (ie. tents, pads, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, etc)
Interested in customizing a multi-day adventure for your group? Check out our  Multi-Day Group Adventures page to get started!
Price: Private Hiking/Backpacking trips starting at $300