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Christian Wilderness Adventure Packages

Enjoy the majestic Moab landscape with the direction of an experienced guide and the safety of social distancing!

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About our Christian Wilderness Adventures

Christian Wilderness Adventures is a customizable experience for private groups and families that want the opportunity to step away from their hectic-paced lives to enjoy activities such as Mountaineering, Canyoneering, Survival, and Wilderness First Aid.


Rafting: Spend a day or an overnight trip on the Colorado River reveling in the fun-filled slow stretches of water to the splashing Class III rapids.

Canyoneering: Scramble and rappel through dramatic, narrow canyons.

Mountaineering: Summit majestic peaks in the Rocky Mountain and La Sal Mountain ranges.

Wilderness First Aid: Learn how to manage everything from bites and stings to splints and fractures.

Survival: Practice skills to survive in the wilderness: starting a fire with only a spark, shelter-building, water purification, and so much more.

Experience God Personally: Enjoy group worships and the opportunity to put Bible principles to the test to make your Christian journey real.

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